The College of Foot Care Practitioners has its aims, objectives and staff expectations. You’ll see details of these towards the end of the prospectus, along with the expectations we have of students. Please make sure you read them! The college aims to provide a high standard of theory and practical training to anyone wishing to undertake foot care training.


Students are strongly encouraged to:


  • Embrace the college ethos of ‘active’ learning, by fully participating in the methods applied to both theory and practical modules.
  • Apply ‘The Foot Coach’ model to help them develop a style of learning that is most appropriate and best suits their individual needs.
  • Be proactive when learning theory modules (especially using their favoured learning methods) and the set task.
  • Develop their skills through active participation.
  • Develop their knowledge beyond that gained on the course(s).
  • Commit to a very high standard to ensure that their theoretical knowledge and their practical ability is the very best that they can achieve.


The College aims to provide a wide range of learning opportunities and situations (using a range of materials and clear explanation and demonstration) in order to ensure that each student is able to fully practice their application of practical skills, and reach the high standard expected in order to achieve their qualification(s).


Students will be given a wide range of learning opportunities when studying their theory modules. They will have access to books, magazines, case studies, posters, models, online help, and any other aid that can be used to assist successful learning.


Students will be shown up to date methods and a wide range of equipment, enhancing learning opportunities.


The use of mobile phones during teaching or practical sessions is prohibited.

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